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Nostradamus-The Great Predictor And Other Amazing Mysteries


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World Trade Centre/Pentagon Attack


Is this a hint for doomsday??

World Trade Center/Pentagon Attack
The lines given below are the verses through which nostradamus predicted the WTC and Pentagon attack.Its Unbelievable but its true.....
Given below is the explaination of what these verses possibly mean...

Thinking to condemn the New (York) City,

The bird of prey (airliner) comes to offer itself to the heavens:

After victory pardon to captives,

Great evil will be suffered (through) fire & mantels of assault. C1, Q24.

Line one: Radical terrorists have referred to the US as “the great Satan.”

Line two: Suicide Islamic terrorists are told they will go to paradise.

Line three: Could refer to those trapped in the rubble, or terrorists set free.

Line four: A mantel of assault is used to attack a wall or fortification.

The bird of prey (airliner) flying (in)to the windows,

Peeling before the conflict made against France:

One will take it for good, another for ambiguous evil,

The weak party will hold through good prediction. C1, Q34.

The airliners flew right into the windows of the World Trade Center. News reporters described the appearance of the collapse of the buildings as "peeling a banana."
US enemies were seen celebrating in the streets. Allies voiced support. We tend towards optimism, so a weak party, such as the socialists in France can continue
through positive statements, discounting looming dangers. Nostradamus warns his countrymen, that this attack on America presages an attack on France.

In accord with interpretations in other chapters, the attack on France is expected to concur with the attack on the US, the nuclear attack of WWIII.

Give the devil his due. Osama Ben Laden is a diabolical strategic genius. And yet, his people made no effort to cover their tracks. They got into a drunken rage at a
bar, loudly refusing to pay their bill. They said they were able to pay their bill because they were pilots, but just refused to pay. Seven of the terrorists paid for their
airline tickets on one credit card! Some of their identities and links were discovered by the FBI in less than 24 hours. They left an easily discovered trail back to
Osama Ben Laden. Most who play strategic games such as chess think at least one move ahead. I believe he and his axis, the radical states of the middle and near
east, are setting a trap for our military. This is not like Desert Storm. The elder President Bush inherited the Reagan military build-up. The younger Bush inherits the
Clinton military dismantling. There has been a tremendous increase in new military weapons into the region in question via the Russians and Chinese. The Iranians
have submarines. We were completely unprepared to defend against the attack on the WTC and Pentagon. What if a concerted attack were made on our carrier
group by suicide aircraft, ship and submarine? I think they have a new trick up their sleeve. We need to be very cautious and careful of the security of our forces as
we retaliate.